We are a group of people who dream and believe in a future where all Brazilians, regardless of their origin or socioeconomic status, can have access to good-quality treated water and full collection of the sewage produced, which shall be 100% treated and returned to nature in a sustainable manner.

Founded by Iguá Saneamento and by specialists in the industry, the Iguá Institute for Sustainability was born in an independent manner, working through partnerships with other companies, social organizations and investors that share a common goal.

Our main objectives are to promote the innovation in the industry and education for sustainable development.

Thus, we have worked with multipliers that encompass the importance of discovering innovative manners of solving old problems, and of leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

We want to give new meaning to the relationship of society with sanitation, working so everyone can understand that it is up to us, as a society, to create a harmonic relationship with nature, making it possible to preserve us a species and the planet.

The actions of the Iguá Institute for Sustainability are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), defined by the UN in 2015, directly and indirectly contributing with the following goals:




This is our way to make a difference!


Present in five Brazilian states and serving more than 6.8 million persons, Iguá Saneamento works in the management and operation of water supply and sanitation sewage systems through public-private concessions and partnerships.

It is through strategic partnerships with suppliers from various segments and traditional companies that the extent of the services provided by Iguá Saneamento is among the main private operators in Brazil.