The Iguá Institute for Sustainability was born of the intent of Iguá Saneamento to make a difference in the industry, promoting the expansion of the social impact of this activity. In order to achieve this, it undertook an ambitious mission: contributing to make sanitation universal in Brazil, through the incentive to innovation and education for sustainable development..

It is our understanding that working with sanitation goes much further than treating and supplying water and collecting and treating sewage. Working with water and sewage services brings dignity, health and a future to thousands of Brazilians. We promote awareness regarding the cycles of nature and work with them in full harmony, enabling the preservation of natural resources and sustainable development.

Iguá Saneamento is proud of this role and it wants to go beyond its own operation and geographic limits, providing its technical expertise, its innovative DNA and ability to articulate. That is why it created the Iguá Institute, showing that it is possible to see problems as a call to action, to have an attitude and courage to innovate and mobilize resources and partners for the cause. All of this has generated positive results for the whole society.

We are aware that making sanitation universal in Brazil is a complex challenge and that no one is capable of solving it alone. Thus, we seek to act as catalyzers for a systemic change, working as partners of other agents in the industry, multiplying the impact of our activity.